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My Story

Mulher feliz

little Millie

Bronx 1987


Milagros Rivera
Real State Specialist

"I believe in the search for homes and not in the search for houses or structures to live in. People need to create a connection with the space where they will live because there they will write their own history, build their family and feel protected after a long day.” Milagros Millie Rivera

Milagros' relationship with Real State began in childhood, when she was still little Millie from Bronx-NY. Since childhood, Milagros had a singular passion for taking care of things. Raised in a very conservative family, Millie was an exceptionally attentive and communicative child. When she was still a girl that the leader personality began to emerge. Always being responsible for the maintenance of the house, Millie was the one who organized and delegated the tasks of the house between the brothers, and that's where the understanding that the home is a sacred place for the family was realized. 

And the passion for the subject 'home and people' only grew from there. Milagros had a very protective mother, who always did everything she could to keep her children safe inside the home, away from the dangers of the streets. And her father, a construction worker, helped many families build their homes daily. He was a wise man who knew well the importance of a home for a happy family. As an adult, Milagros always chose to work in positions that allowed her to work with people in order to get to know them more deeply, and this empathic preference has always been a differential that led her to ascend wherever she went.

Experiencing the shock of 9/11 up close made Mille rethink her life, and it was then that she decided to switch the concrete jungle of NY for the wonderful Florida sun. In 2002 Milagros moved to Orlando and the woman who had always been a guide for people was now guided by God to build a better future for her own family. The journey was not easy, especially being a mother of 3 children. But the dream was alive, real estate was in her history, it was in her blood, it was time to become an agent and unite her passion with her vocation. Her first opportunity had an expiration date, a temp job at the Harbor Key estate office was the chance she needed to show she was born for it. 90 days later she was hired as a permanent member. From the office she was promoted to Lease agent, then Assistant manager until reaching the Manager position. Her experience since then includes stints as a property manager in Orlando and 20 years after her arrival in Florida, Milagros is proud to have led more than 1,000 families to find her home sweet home.

Today in the great REMAX team, Milagros is proud of the prominence she has achieved thanks to all the experience that life has allowed her to live and the many stories she has helped to tell. In the words of her clients, only a professional People Person, Hard Worker and Good Listener to develop empathy and her unique method of understanding people's dreams and helping them get there. Finding all these qualities in one person is truly a Miracle!

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